Happiness is to be found when in pursuit of it, in the soothed expectation, on the way, not only upon the arrival. Accepting detours, just going the way, which is anyhow not this obvious to anyone.
Thomas Bettinelli

Happiness is just a hairflip away.
Chris Crocker


"The way the system works now, you see the clothes, within an hour or so they're online, the world sees them. They don't get to a store for six months. The next week, young celebrity girls are wearing them on red carpets. They're in every magazine. The customer is bored with those clothes by the time they get to the store. They're overexposed, you're tired of them, they've lost their freshness".
Tom Ford


Snapper : Sam Scott Schiavo (again)

Morphosis already presented him some years ago (here). After working nearly twenty years as a model agent in prestigious agencies in Milan, American photographer Sam Scott Schiavo left that sector of the fashion business to devote himself to photography and the arts full time. His style has been influenced by his love for cinema, in particular, film noir, neo-realism, Nouvelle Vague and underground naturally along with the great masters of photography and art. His images are natural yet often inherently erotic, lingering glances stirring ambiguous emotions, transporting viewers to past recollections in a contemporary present. Curated by Alexandre Martin, "Carnal remains" is the title of his current exhibition at high-end fashion boutique Wrong Weather in Porto, Portugal, which runs until April 1st, 2017.

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