Happiness is to be found when in pursuit of it, in the soothed expectation, on the way, not only upon the arrival. Accepting detours, just going the way, which is anyhow not this obvious to anyone.
Thomas Bettinelli

Happiness is just a hairflip away.
Chris Crocker


"The way the system works now, you see the clothes, within an hour or so they're online, the world sees them. They don't get to a store for six months. The next week, young celebrity girls are wearing them on red carpets. They're in every magazine. The customer is bored with those clothes by the time they get to the store. They're overexposed, you're tired of them, they've lost their freshness".
Tom Ford



Some collections necessitate a thesaurus, encyclopedia, and four hours down a Wikipedia wormhole to figure out what’s going on. Minimalist artists and crypto-religious movements, anyone ? Others are plain and simple, sometimes too much so. KTZ follows the latter blueprint : the thumping music begins and the models hit the catwalk clad in getups that vary little, but enough, from season to season. This time it was Kraftwerk meets Russian Futurism meets American sport. Obviously ! Well, not so obviously, but I’d scribbled down "baseball" and "Eighties Gaultier" -who in 1987 created a Cyrillic-stamped collection quickly dubbed Détente Chic in the midst of the thawing of the Cold War Here, America dominated more than anything else, from the opening mirror-embroidered looks that crossed Liberace with Bootsy Collins atop bowling shoes pumped up with platform soles. They were outré for bowling clobber, but wound up resembling rather pedestrian versions of Vivienne Westwood’s still best-selling Rocking Horse shoes. KTZ’s designer Marjan Pejoski is a Westwood fanatic, incidentally : the pointed shoulders on a few of his oversize overcoats were straight out of her 1983 Witches collection. Westwood has railed against American cultural imperialism, but Pejoski evidently embraces it. His jackets were largely collegiate, with varsity detailing cut into coats or bombers simply elongated. A few were stitched with the giant leather-laced sutures that commonly scar the surfaces of baseballs. Baseball pants became everyday pants; signature stripes marked sweatshirts and intarsia fur scarves. Kraftwerk provided the colors : red, black, white. Russian Futurism ? Nah -more Eighties retro. KTZ is not looking to expand its customer base, nor fashion’s frontiers. Marjan Pejoski was playing to a home crowd here, which roared its approval. As for the uninitiated newcomer ? Well, watch a baseball game without knowing the rules, and come away none the wiser. You just end up a little tired, a little dazed, with a crick from swiveling your neck watching everyone pointlessly bounding about.

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