Happiness is to be found when in pursuit of it, in the soothed expectation, on the way, not only upon the arrival. Accepting detours, just going the way, which is anyhow not this obvious to anyone.
Thomas Bettinelli

Happiness is just a hairflip away.
Chris Crocker


"The way the system works now, you see the clothes, within an hour or so they're online, the world sees them. They don't get to a store for six months. The next week, young celebrity girls are wearing them on red carpets. They're in every magazine. The customer is bored with those clothes by the time they get to the store. They're overexposed, you're tired of them, they've lost their freshness".
Tom Ford


The Dandy Warhols - "You are killing me"

American veteran rock band The Dandy Warhols formed in Portland, Oregon, in 1994. The band's name is a play on the name of pop artist Andy Warhol. They have released nine studio albums to date and their tenth opus, "Distortland", will come out tomorrow. Courtney Taylor-Taylor, Peter Holmström, Zia McCabe and Brent DeBoer tapped none other than Mr Joe Dallessandro -yes Andy Warhol's legendary muse- for their newest music video directed by none other than Mark Helfrich -yes the film editor behind 'Showgirls', 'Rush hour', 'X-Men: The last stand' or 'Hercules'. "The concept for the video came out of Courtney's desire to have a film featuring not only Joe Dallesandro, but furries as well. I thought Joe had the perfect look for a film noir setting. So I came up with a trippy treatment and everybody signed off on it", the director said. "The day before shooting I got a message that Zia was flying to Los Angeles because she wanted to be the bunny ! I was thrilled to work with the iconic Joe Dallasandro. He hasn't acted much in the past couple of decades, but he wanted to do this project because he digs the Dandy Warhols. It was an honor to direct him", he added. This new song features a sparse arrangement consisting of straightforward, chugging, overdriven guitar, multi-tracked vocals, and slightly off kilter harmonies. Everything about the tune, from the instrumentation to the lyrics, comes off as effortless, but the simplistic hook is memorable enough that heads will surely nod.

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