Model Freak : Justin Jedlica

Justin Jedlica (born August 11, 1980) is a Slovak American celebrity known as the human Ken doll. He has often been compared to the human Barbie, Valeria Lukyanova. Inspired by watching “Lifestyles of the rich and famous” as a teen, he saw body contouring and cosmetic surgery as emblematic of the wealthy, glamorous lifestyle he sought to emulate. His parents did not approve of cosmetic enhancements and he was forced to wait until he could legally make the choice for himself. Four days after his eighteenth birthday, he underwent his first cosmetic procedure, to reconstruct his nose. "I want to be 100% plastic", he recently stated. 'I have a reputation of being one of the most extreme plastic surgery addicts in the world and I love continuing to push the limits". His well-off husband, a successful businessman, helps pay for his implants, but others haven't exactly been supportive. For all of the media attention he has received, he still feels misunderstood by those who assume he is narcissistic and stuck-up. But Justin Jedlica has no qualms about going under the knife again. "If I choose to express my creativity through my plastic surgery, it's no different than someone in fashion who deals with trends", he explains. "Standards of beauty change, ideals of beauty change. I don't understand why people think you have to be committed to the human form and that you shouldn't be able to retain control to change it". He has even taken control of his surgeries by designing his own implants.

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