Happiness is to be found when in pursuit of it, in the soothed expectation, on the way, not only upon the arrival. Accepting detours, just going the way, which is anyhow not this obvious to anyone.
Thomas Bettinelli

Happiness is just a hairflip away.
Chris Crocker


"The way the system works now, you see the clothes, within an hour or so they're online, the world sees them. They don't get to a store for six months. The next week, young celebrity girls are wearing them on red carpets. They're in every magazine. The customer is bored with those clothes by the time they get to the store. They're overexposed, you're tired of them, they've lost their freshness".
Tom Ford


Weekly celeb : Ed Speleers

Snapper : Steven Klein

NYC-based photographer Steven Klein's been the darling of the fashion world in years. His pictures are published in all the good magazines. He likes shooting celebrities (from Madonna to Beckham).
Visit his website here.

Numéro (part 1)

French mag Numéro has just released another hors-série for men.

DAZED & Confused

The issue #46 of Brit mag Dazed & Confused is out in stores.



Whether you realize it or not, the weather probably affects your mood.
The sleet soaks into your bones and sours your emotions. A dearth of sunshine leaves you listless. The ice and snow freeze your disposition. We all feel bad weather, although some may feel it more than others. But what is it about a soggy sky that draws out the doldrums? What are the psychological and physiological effects of bad weather and what can we do to clear them up?

Coping sans sunlight
December 21 is officially the shortest day of the year in the Northern Hemisphere. In the extreme northern territories of Canada, Europe and the United States, the sun may not show its face at all. At lower latitudes, the sun is out for about nine hours -- three hours less than during the summer months. All that darkness can have some serious psychological effects.
Scientists have linked the depression that coincides with a dearth of sunlight to the hormone melatonin, which regulates sleep. When sunlight fades, some of us produce copious amounts of melatonin, contributing to the drowsy, out-of-sorts feeling that can plague our winter days. About 20% of Americans report feeling more depressed during the chilly season.
In parts of Alaska, the sun may not rise at all for months on end. According to a study by The American Journal of Psychology, nearly 10% of the state's residents experiences depression during the dark winter months. Suzanne Womack Strisik, an assistant professor of psychology at the University of Alaska at Anchorage, explains that sable skies can cause lethargy, cravings for carbohydrates, feelings of melancholy, fuzzy thinking, and loss of libido or sociability.
Treatment usually includes antidepressants, light therapy and extended vacations. The best way to get over the long Alaskan nights may be to leave them behind. Some residents travel to Hawaii or head south to catch a few rays. A couple of days of sunlight can buoy a sunken mood faster than almost any other treatment.

If you find yourself feeling down and out during the winter, there are a few things you can do:
Get some light:
Studies have shown that bright lights first thing in the morning -- incandescent or fluorescent -- can help you overcome the wintertime doldrums. Daily light therapy with natural light lamps can also replace lost sunlight.
Get up early:
Fight the urge to stay huddled in bed until the afternoon hours; getting up early may help you feel better during the rest of the day.
A little cardio goes a long way. Take a brisk walk, jog or jump on the cycle trainer. A boost in your metabolism can turn your blues around.
Eat well:
Avoid foods that are high in starch and sugar, which could leave you feeling sluggish.
Go outside:
Spend as much time outside as you can, and when you're inside, sit near the window and soak up those rays.
Get away:
Finally, if nothing else works, hop on a plane and fly south to sunny weather. Even a short vacation in warm climates can do wonders.

The barometric blues
We've all heard of bad weather aggravating arthritis, but have we heard about brisk winds triggering migraines? Recent studies have shown that rapidly changing barometric pressure, which usually accompanies stormy or windy weather, may trigger migraines in some people. Dr. Werner Becker, a neurologist at Alberta's Foothills Medical Center, studied 75 migraine sufferers who reported increased headaches during the warm winter winds known as "chinooks." Becker believes that falling barometric pressures that accompany chinooks may be responsible for certain migraines.

If you suffer from migraines, you may experience more of them during stormy weather. But what can you do about it? Various medications, like Imitrex, can relieve the symptoms of migraines during stormy weather. Rest and relaxation also help, as do cold compresses on the forehead and back of the neck. Unfortunately, though, many migraines won't go away until they've run their natural course.

Relentless rain
Relentless sheets of rain pummel nearly every city on earth from time to time. Rain clogs the streets with traffic, mires any forward progress and is, well, gloomy. Snow is even worse -- it blocks our driveways, ices the roads, and makes travel a chore.
When the skies fill with clouds, some of us feel the weight of the sky on our shoulders; we're tired, depressed and cranky. We're also more likely to catch a cold, flu or other virus. Do the rain and snow make us vulnerable to marauding illnesses? Or do the classic wintertime blues leave our immune systems in shambles?
Doctors have been asking that question for centuries and, after a few hundred years of research, they have the answer. Dr. Jonathan Blum of the Division of Infections Disease at Massachusetts General Hospital and the Department of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics at Harvard Medical School says: "No."
"Contrary to folk wisdom, exposure to cold does not seem to be responsible for catching a cold or the flu. A study published in the late 1960s, for example, showed that chilling volunteers (actually, prison inmates) did not make them more susceptible to infection with rhinovirus, one of the kinds of viruses that often cause colds, and did not make their colds worse," he wrote for the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.
Viruses, like most organisms, are most active during particular seasons. It just so happens that they flourish during the winter in temperate regions and the rainy season in the tropics. People are also more likely to remain indoors and within close proximity of other people during those seasons, making it easier for colds and flus to migrate through populations. The actual temperature outside or the amount of precipitation has absolutely no affect on whether or not you'll catch cold.

There are some basic things you can do to avoid getting sick during the flu season.
Wash your hands often:
Keeping clean can prevent infections. Also, avoid touching your face when you're out and about.
Stay home:
If you get sick, going to work and spreading your illness won't do anybody good.
Avoid crowded locations:
This applies to confined spaces where airborne viruses have an easy time jumping from person to person.
Eat well:
Your immune system needs good nutrition to function properly and stay healthy. You should eat foods of high-quality protein, such as eggs, fish, shellfish, and venison, as well as different vegetables and grains.
Get some exercise:
Keep your metabolism running in high gear; it'll help your body fend off unwanted microbial invaders.

Overcooked by hot climates
t can be a killer. A blazing-hot day can roast you on the spot, sending your body and mind straight to Hades. Normally, the body tries to maintain a core temperature of around 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit. When the mercury matches or exceeds that temperature, the body's cooling systems have trouble with temperature regulation. Heat stroke sets in when you've been toiling away in the hot sun or neglecting to drink enough fluids to keep a steady supply of cooling sweat flowing across your skin.
Heat stroke usually accompanies a high temperature -- around 104 degrees Fahrenheit. Other symptoms include:
* Rapid heartbeat
* Rapid and shallow breathing
* Elevated or lowered blood pressure
* Cessation of sweating
* Irritability, confusion or unconsciousness
* Fainting (which may be the first sign in older adults)
The only remedy for heat stroke is cooling off. Shade or an air-conditioned space works best. Cool water, damp sheets or strips of fabric will also help the body normalize its temperature.

Bright forecast
Abe Lincoln once said: "People are just about as happy as they make up their minds to be." In other words, no matter how horrible the weather is outside, ultimately you have the biggest impact on your mood.
Hill explains that those who can manage to make light of heavy rain are typically happier than those who let themselves get soaked by a downpour. If you can manage it, try to find a positive way to look at negative weather. You'll be happier, healthier and ready for fun in the sun when summer comes back.


Celeb scents

You have to hand it to Derek Jeter; after years of blasting Boston, the Yankees captain has found one more way to make Red Sox fans gag. Jeter’s latest product to hit shelves is a sporty cologne called Driven. Although it may seem odd that a man known for playing in the dirt has his own fragrance, Jeter isn’t alone: Celebrity perfumes are a big business. Just ask Jennifer Lopez. The big-bottomed actress routinely rakes in $250 million in annual sales thanks to the success of her bottled scents. Better yet, ask Michael Jordan, Enrique Iglesias and Tiger Woods. They all have their own branded colognes, which dominate an increasingly crowded marketplace. Read on to discover which male celebrities are turning their signature scents into dollars and cents.

Carlos Santana:
Carlos Santana For Men
If you’ve ever wanted to smell like a Mexican guitarist, we have some news you’re going to love: The greatest axe man since Jimi Hendrix has his very own signature scent. Carlos Santana For Men is available in 50ml and 100ml spray bottles of eau de toilette and although it may not be “supernatural”, it’s as good a way as any to mask your “A-1 funk.” How does it smell? Carlos Santana For Men has a blend of bergamont, lavender, mandarin, cinnamon bark, apple, maja accord, sandalwood, cypress wood, patchouli, musk, leather, amber, tonka bean, and vanilla.

David Beckham:
David Beckham Instinct
Smell like the smarmy metrosexual you were born to be by wearing Instinct, the latest product endorsed by English footballer David Beckham. Hey, it couldn’t possibly stink any more than Posh Spice’s last album.How does it smell? David Beckham's Instinct claims to be “a masculine, sexy, exceptional fragrance for the modern man”. The rugged scent is a blend of orange, mandarin, Italian bergamot, cardamom, pimento, star anise, and patchouli. In other words, it’s full of ingredients that Beckham himself could never possibly hope to spell.

Donald Trump
Donald Trump: The Fragrance
Although no one in his right mind would want to look like Donald Trump, there are plenty of people who want to smell like him, as evidenced by the startling success of his signature cologne. Released amid much fanfare in 2004, this eau de toilette spray is perfect for the high-salaried exec who doesn’t always have time to bathe. According to Jennifer Mann, a spokeswoman for Aramis Fragrances & Designer Fragrances, the allure of The Donald’s cologne is easy to explain. "Donald Trump is a definition of the American success story”, she says. “He's more than a business name; he's an American icon”. How does it smell? Although Donald Trump may be painfully superficial, his cologne is not. Donald Trump: The Fragrance contains citrus notes with hints of mint, cucumber and black basil finished off with woody undertones and spicy, peppery accents.

Antonio Banderas:
Spirit by Antonio Banderas
If there’s one thing that Antonio Banderas knows it’s how to make female hearts flutter, so it’s hardly surprising that this Spanish screen icon has his very own musky cologne. Introduced in 1996, this masculine scent joins his growing collection of fragrances including Mediterraneo, Diavolo Hypnotic and Diavolo. The last time we saw one man produce that many different smells it involved an all-you-can-eat buffet. How does it smell? Spirit possesses a blend of fresh greens and woods, and is recommended for those special occasions when you want to speak in an outrageous Spanish accent.

Looking for a scent that’s perfect for rocking and rolling all night and partying every day? You’re in luck: Glam rockers KISS are set to take the cosmetics world by storm with the launch of their own range of cologne. The band has previously sold a colossal range of merchandise, including everything from glassware and lunchboxes, to hats and coffins. How does it smell? Spicy and warm, KISS Him is a modern oriental fusion that contains hints of bergamot, white pepper, anise, black cumin, sandalwood, tonka, moss, and honeyed amber crystals. An extra dash of pheromone helps to heighten the scent’s irresistible magnetism. According to Paul Stanley, the line is "unrepentantly sexy, and a little naughty".

P. Diddy:
Sean John Unforgivable
What do you do when you already have your own record label, clothing line, acting career, and reality television show? If you’re P. Diddy you stretch yourself even thinner by creating your very own cologne. Released in 2005, this eau de toilette spray markets itself as a sleek, smooth blend that combines “masculine style with classic luxury”. How does it smell? Unforgivable contains almost as many ingredients as P.Diddy has aliases. The distinctive scent includes an extensive mixture of Sicilian lemon, Italian bergamot, green mandarin, Moroccan tangerine, grapefruit, juniper leaves, birch leaves, champagne accord, Mediterranean air accord, Tuscan basil, Australian sandalwood, amber, tonka bean, and rum. [Also read this]

Alan Cumming:
Alan Cumming isn’t taking his new fragrance seriously, even if consumers are. "It's almost like a pop cultural joke", he says. "But the bottom line is I really like it". So does the French retail chain Sephora, which is currently carrying the scent. "It's obviously crazy, and it's as much a surprise to us as it is to everybody who finds it", Cumming says. Nonetheless, the cologne will soon be joined by other toiletry items, including scrubbers (Cumming Off Buff) and soaps (Cumming in a Bar). How does it smell? Described as being “a fun, flirty, daring scent for men”, Cumming is a blend of bergamot, black pepper, pine, whisky, cigar, fir, rubber, mud, and white truffle.

Love them or loathe them, celebrity colognes are here to stay. In 2000, celebrity brands represented only 2% of the total fragrance market. Today that share is up to 6% and is growing as you read this. So whether you use your Instinct or you follow your Spirit, the time is "Cumming" for you to slap on a celebrity scent...


When shopping for jeans, do you feel like you spend a lot of time with few successes? Trying on pair after pair of ill-fitting jeans can be a rather deflating experience for your ego. If you know your body type, however, and the styles that flatter it best, you can save loads of time and self-esteem. To figure out which jeans will work for you and help to cut down your shopping time, read on.
Straight-cut jeans typically sit at your natural waist and are slim through the seat and thighs. The fabric should skim your silhouette and the leg should be long, tapering off gradually and slightly at the ankle. This style of jean is classic, and if you have the body to wear them, straight-cut jeans can pretty much be paired with anything.
Flare cut or boot-cut jeans and originally designed to be worn with cowboy boots, this cut is very flattering for many body types. Typically, flare-cut styles should sit just below your natural waist and should be slightly loose through the leg. From the knee to the ankle, these jeans become slightly wider or “flare” out. A bonus is that these jeans will never go out of style and it’s so easy to dress them up for a date or the office.
Like flared jeans, wide-leg jeans often sit at your natural waist or just below it, but the seat and thighs of these jeans will have a relaxed or quite loose fit. Back pockets may be larger and deeper on this style of jean. Wide-leg jeans usually have a straight, slightly tapered cut from the thigh to the ankle, but they are very loose through the leg so that the shape of your body is not as easily discernible.
The defining feature of low-rise jeans is that they sit below your natural waistline, often on the hip bones. Low-rise jeans can be straight cut, slim fit, bootleg or wide leg. It’s best to wear low-rise jeans with a longer shirt, otherwise your midriff will be visible anytime you move your arms -- while girls might be able to get away with belly-baring jeans and short T-shirts at the bar, this look is never a good one for men.Now that you know all about cuts, find out which one suits your body best…
Straight-cut jeans will flatter this body type best. If you are blessed with a great physique, jeans with a flat front and straight leg will show off your body to its best advantage. Boot-cut jeans are another option for this body type -- particularly if you have wider hips -- as a flared cut will balance your shape, creating a straighter, streamlined look. Tall and lean men can also carry off wide-leg jeans, but be aware that they will look very casual on this body type and are therefore better-suited for weekends than the office.
If you are slim and of average height, avoid jeans that adhere too closely to your body unless you like the starving-artist look. Steer clear of wide-leg jeans as well, as you risk looking lost in your clothes. For your most flattering look, choose straight-cut, low-rise jeans that sit comfortably and low on the hips with a couple of extra inches of room through the leg. Slightly flared jeans also flatter slender figures by creating the illusion of a better defined silhouette. For a more ample-looking rear, look for back pockets with flaps or extra material as this will add bulk to your behind.
Athletic and muscular types look best in jeans with a wider leg since looser cuts show off the shape of a toned body. Jeans cut too close to the body are not as good a choice for muscular shapes as they can make muscles appear overly bulky. Wider-leg jeans, however, will subtly show off all your hard-earned gym work. Additionally, to show off your butt or give it a more round shape, choose back pockets that are smaller and further apart.
Larger frames should stay away from flare-cut jeans as these jeans will make heavier men appear larger. Wide-leg styles, however, are really great for concealing physical flaws. If there is a little more of you to love, this style will hide love handles and thick waists. Be careful not to choose styles that are too baggy, however, as they will make larger bodies appear even larger. Instead, choose a loose shape with a few extra inches of room to show the shape of your body without hugging your frame too closely. As well, larger, deeper pockets will make your butt look smaller and are therefore a good choice for heavier frames. Another way to conceal a larger behind is to look for pockets that are closer together.
Hopefully by now you have a better idea of which jeans are suitable for your body type and your next shopping trip should be much more efficient. A word to the wise: Once you find jeans that fit you perfectly, buy more than one pair. Get rid of other jeans that don’t fit as well and replace your new jeans with a reserved pair about once a year when they fade and the bottoms become scruffy.


Sunday boy du jour : Chad




Band Ohne Namen (German for Band Without Name) was a Berliner band comprised of Guy Gross (singer) and Claus Capek. They released three albums before their split.
Below is the (not so new) vid of their all-time hit "Boys", where you can see that clothes are sometimes optional !


Pringle of Scotland is a leading knitware maker. Formed in 1815, the company was acquired in 2000 by a Hong Kong millionaire who hired Stuart Stockdale as its head of design. This is ex-Ralph Lauren, -Calvin Klein and -Gucci designer Clare Waight Keller’s first menswear collection for Pringle.

Junya Watanabe

Junya Watanabe, 46, lives and works in Tokyo. He started his career with Rei Kawakubo from Comme des Garçons. He introduced his first own-label collection in 1992 and launched the menswear line in 2001 in Paris.
Mohawked Mohicans, bovver boots, camo prints and tough canvas jackets with LOVE appliqués in khaki and washed-out grey : Junya Watanabe’s collection is hard, hard, hard.
(See the chav who’s a ringer for Timothy McVeigh, the Oklahoma City bomber, also evoking Taxi Driver’s Travis Bickle !)


Get naughty !

stubbly / smooth

Stubble on a man's face is the unshaven beard growth that exists for one to three days (or longer, depending on the hair's rate of growth), before it becomes long enough to cover the skin and be considered a full beard. In recent times, electric clippers have rendered stubble growth an easily maintained and fashionable style, as it can lend some men a rugged swarthiness and does not require daily attention. From the late twenties to the mid-sixties, when a clean-shaven appearance was in vogue in the Western world, it was also known as a "five o'clock shadow" and a man sporting one was considered to be unattractive, unrefined and even unclean. In the 1960 US presidential election's televised debates, Richard Nixon's five o'clock shadow was reputed to have counted against him in the voters' perceptions. In the early eighties, hit tv series "Miami Vice" started popularizing a stubbly beard (known as "designer stubble"), which had been a German fashion at the beginning of the 16th century, when many young men sat for their portraits sporting a week's stubble growth.or this smooth...

Tokio Hotel

Flamboyant twins Bill and Tom Kaulitz (17 years old) have been performing for eight years. They met Gustav Schäfer and Georg Listing and their similar taste in music led to the creation of this German band. The four flashy wunderkinds are currently in the process of producing their second album to be released next month.


Hugo Boss

Snapper : John Andresen

John Andresen, 43, is a Norwegian photographer from Oslo who likes working with ballet dancers.


Lick it or bite it, it's all yours !
Feat. Stefan shot by S.Bross

Weekly celeb : Gaspard Ulliel


Design your very own sneakers... Play with Nike here.



Issey Miyake, 68, was born in Hiroshima. He won the Arts & Philosophy Kyoto Prize in 2006.The menswear collection designed by Naoki Takizawa is much colourful. Next collections will be designed by Dai Fujiwara and shown in March.

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Emmanuel Ungaro, 74, moved from Italy to Paris in 1955 and started to work with Balanciaga, then Courrèges and commenced his house in 1965. The menswear collection debuted in 1973. The label was sold to a Pakistani tycoon in 2005.

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Jay Jay Johanson

Überstylish and très chic Swedish singer Jay Jay Johanson gets soberer looks but his music keeps being just fantastic.
Below is the fist video of the new album that's just reached stores everywhere.



Donna Karan, 59, is nicknamed 'The Queen of 7th Avenue', in New York City. She started her business in 1984 with her husband and launched her bridge collection (DKNY) in 1988 and DKNY for Men in 1992 (designed by Jane Chung).

Comme des Garçons

This Parisian label is headed by Rei Kawakubo, 65, and specializes in anti-fashion apparel. She also owns the eclectic, cutting-edge mini-department store Dover Street Market in Mayfair, London.





Sunday boy du jour : Matt



You knew dandy Mika's 2006 hit "Relax, take it easy", you'll love the new song "Grace Kelly".

Take a look at his website here.

Grooming : 1974

Just for the fun of it, MORPHOSIS shows you an old commercial. Enjoy !

Grooming : hairgel

Can't resist showing you this one below too.



The "boys in the brand" are four : Sam Shiplen, Jeff Halmos, Josiah Lamberto-Egan and creative director John Whitledge. The Newport Beach-based label with a lotta chutzpah won a prestigious industry award for new talent. Their win was surprising because, unlike most of the 160 competitors, Trovata doesn't make dramatic couture gowns meant to sweep red carpets. In fact, a lifestyle brand like Trovata's on a Ralph Lauren model is to highfalutin couture what deviled eggs are to the Fabergé variety. In the often mirthless milieu of hi-fash, they are low-key : they don't blow no double air kisses... But spend some time with the "boys in the brand" and the Trovata persona comes off as genuine. If anything can be said to encapsulate the label's tongue-in-cheek approach, it's the literal weave of whimsy into the clothing.

Rick Owens

Rick Owens, 45, is known for his odgy fashions favored by rock stars. Since 2003, he's worked out of Paris where in addition to his own line, he serves as creative director for French furrier Révillon.
Californian Owens studied at Parsons in LA and launched his label in 1994.
Also read this.